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released May 30, 2017

Samn Tsohonis - Guitars, Vocals
Ben Edwards - Bass, backup vocals
Ruben Mozzochi - Drums, 3-counts

Recorded and mixed by Justin Phelps at Hallowed Halls
Mastered by Levi Seitz at Black Belt Mastering



all rights reserved


You Are The Caretaker Seattle, Washington

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Track Name: Sectum Sempra
Cast I cast a spell
A spell against you
Friend or enemy or frienemy
You told me once or twice
You want to kill me
Drunken once
You threw a punch or three

Dare you once
I dare you twice
To cross me
Cross your path
A cosmic kamikaze
I foresee a failure in your future
If you try to reckon up with me

Sectum Sempra

Aim yourself at
Overarching my reach
Any time you witness
Me succeeding
Cast yourself a charm
To ward against me
Spread a poison word to isolate

Last but hardly least
I will outlast you
Past my prime and
Twice as interesting
You cast your shadow over me
But my patronus is a shark
And it will make you bleed

Sectum Sempra
Track Name: The Fucking Machine
We go to work
To get the cash
To buy the food
To get the strength

Well you know that we all
Live on a credit line
It's one big casino game
What happens when
The dealers take all the money away
What new schemes are just
Waiting to break the banks

The bricklayer
Goes to the banker
For some money to buy bricks
And the banker
Pretends to the broker
That the money's already his
And the broker
He doubles down
On red 666 and he spins
But any time you play
You must remember this
The house always wins

We go to work
To get the cash
To buy the food
To get the strength

Well the keys to the world
Are changing ownership
As when the Church
Lost to the State
When our statesmen have sold
Every share of our freedom away
Will we finally have eaten our cake?

I'll never trust a cop
I'll never trust a doctor
I'll never trust a lawyer
I'll never trust a priest
I'll never trust the banker
I'll never trust the broker
I'll never trust the dollar
The Market is the beast
I don't need no fucking trust fund
No goddamn pension
No 401k or IRA to see
The only plan they follow
Is the one that yields the least
To you and me

So fuck the machine...
Track Name: Owen Coffin
My cousin Owen Coffin
I think about him often
He laid his body down
To feed the few remaining
The tender age of seventeen
After two years at the Sea
His mother trusted him with me
But we were beaten by the Sea
Imagine my shame in surviving

Within the first leagues on the Sea
A squall pitched the topmast into the lee
Survived by the skin of our teeth
But something yet wickeder under the waves
Waited an ocean away

Rise my son
Up from the seizure
in your lungs
It's just cold, hard life
Testing your will to sacrifice
C'mon push, now, pry
Tasting the salt that stings your eyes
If you don't win this fight
You'll never have to win or lose again

A year of blood and lard earns
A Coffin steel much harder
We rounded past the cape
To make for virgin waters
With ports to make provision
We hunted with conviction
The Andes saw Dewitt abandon ship
But soon he'd be the envy
Of the men who lived much longer

The beast was as pale as the steam
That spewed from its hump as it cleaved
Into the Essex, splintering
And smashing into pieces
Slipping under the waves
And drowning all hope on the way

Set adrift on the Sea
Burned by the sun and sympathy
For those left who'd die
Butchered that some may yet survive
Without food this life
Forces a man to improvise
If I draw short, then fine
I'd sooner die than live to dine again

My cousin Owen Coffin
I think about him often
He laid his body down
To feed the few remaining